Allograft Skin Products

Implantable – Repriza

Repriza is an acellular sermal matrix created from dermal cadaver tissue. Repriza is made by bursting the cells and stripping out the DNA and cell walls of the tissue so that it is rendered non-immunogenic.

This allows the graft to be implanted in another person without being rejected. Repriza maintains very strong tensile strength properties and can serve as a sling, support, or bolster in the body.

Repriza Lite

Promethean makes thinner Repriza grafts, Repriza Lites, that are more cost effective for certain indications.  The Repriza Lites maintain good tensile strength properties, but they are less expensive and have been effective when used in some breast augmentation cases and reconstructive cases following capsular contracture.

Inquire about the sizing and pricing of Repriza Lites: 877-776-6384

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Promethean can work with physicians who would like a custom size or shape for a specific purpose.  Contact us if there is a specific size and thickness you would like us to work on.

Extra Thick Grafts

Promethean can make Extra Thick Repriza grafts for different indications.  We can make custom sizes and thicknesses upon request and with enough lead time.

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