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Promethean makes GammaGraft for surface wounds, both chronic and traumatic.  GammaGraft has unrivalled ease of use and safety and provides one of the easiest biological grafts for patient compliance.

Repriza is an implantable acellular dermal matrix that is used mainly for abdominal wall reconstruction and breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Sterilize And Preserve At Ambient Temperature

Promethean’s proprietary technology sterilizes and preserves the tissues. This technique leads to safer grafts as well as ones that are easier to handle and use. Promethean is a pioneer in this field and the first to have a sterile skin graft storable at ambient temperature. GammaGraft has been used by Navy Seals in the field and has been stationed on military hospital ships and military installations around the world.


GammaGraft and Repriza are pre-hydrated and require no washing or preparation before usage. This greatly increases the ease and compliance of use in the physician setting. Many competitive grafts use preservatives in the packaging that must be washed off prior to use, or they are stored freeze-dried and require an intensive rehydration process.

Takes Suture Well

Both GammaGraft and Repriza are able to take and hold a suture well. This is important for fixation of the GammaGraft to an area that may have a lot of shear pressure. Repriza needs to be fixated when used for reconstructive procedures and must withstand potential forces on the graft.

Case Studies of GammaGraft:

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For The Skeptical Doctor

Many doctors and nurses are skeptical that GammaGraft can be used without any other wound coverings after the GammaGraft has dried on the wound. This is possible because GammaGraft has a natural keratin layer that acts as a vapor barrier for the wound. This allows for moist wound healing and a moist wound bed, even though the GammaGraft is dry.

We encourage doctors who are having trouble healing difficult wounds to try GammaGraft. We are a cost-effective solution and can be used over exposed bone and tendon.

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